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We have a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to applying our skills, experience, and diverse backgrounds to provide friendly, efficient service to our clients. Our team comprises of Profesionals with many years of experience in their respective field and position. Our professional team have in-depth expertise in the areas of finance, Investment, Trade, Portfolio and Wealth management, International and Interpersonal human relations. Quality and professionalism are aspects that our professional team has focused on since we commenced business.In general, Our professional team has demonstrated its ability to think laterally and to devise original structures to achieve the aspirations and requirements of our clients. Grounded in our philosophy that “growth from within” provides a solid foundation for our continuous development and quality service to our clients.Our expert staff is always willing to go the extra mile to make your experience a positive one. We enjoy getting to know and care about the Financial stability of our Customers. We are proud that each member of our team has worked with us for years, because we understand that having familiar faces who knows and understand our customers affairs makes each of your visit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Our Professional team's policies and practices are based on a commitment to excellence in, inter alia: In-depth knowledge and experience gained in various areas of law, thereby ensuring that the professional team is ideally positioned to eliminate any excess turnaround time and additional costs; The experience and expertise to identify, understand and address key issues; The ability to render valuable and cost-effective service by the provision of creative solutions and the efficient, competent rendering of high quality professional services; Comprehensive and hands on management by all directors of any matter whilst working closely with our clients to ensure a consistent team effort which capitalises on the depth of knowledge and experience brought by each individual in the professional team; The ability to ensure that all services are rendered within the context of our client’s vision and strategic objectives;The provision of informed, practical legal and fiscal advice and expertise in the often complex and dynamic environment of law; The commitment to the highest ethical standards and practice and ensuring promptness in rendering of legal services; and The fostering of a culture of diversity amongst professionals to facilitate greater exposure to a variety of points of view and input, including the maintenance of an equal opportunity culture that is democratic, motivated and efficient.

Our Top Professional Staffs
Mark Levis

Online Support

Tracy Wells

Credit Analyst

Anthony Bilal

Financial Adviser

Steyn Klerk

Investment Adviser

Ray Ferguson


Mia Vazquez

Budget Analyst

24 hrs online Support

Axis Bank






Sun Pharma




Copper Spt 25,2016


natural gas Spt 24,2016


crude oil Spt 23,2016


Silver Spt 22,2016


gold Spt 21,2016



Mark Allen

Head funds & fixed income research, CRISIL (25 Sep 2017 - 20:00hrs)
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