• Collateral or Non Collateral loan Our rate is still 2% interest rate per year

  • Get the cash you need with your assets with our Collateral loan Package As opposed to Non Collateral loan, Our Collateral loan is a type of credit that’s also fairly easy for most consumers to get. We facilitate your loan amount according to what you present as Collateral. You get approved depending on your seriousness and dedication towards the processing of your loan amount during the time of processing your loan with us. Our Collateral loan procesess are very easy to complete and requires only few stages. Your credit history is not important because we do not use it even if we ask for it.

    Federal Capital Holdings is an ally to business owners, a trusted lending resource that works hard and moves quickly to provide financing solutions that is needed to grow your business and Investment.Since 1997, we've funded over $9.5 billion in capital to over 70,000 businesses worldwide. Our lending solutions and variable payment options are tailored to your specific needs.

    INSTALMENT LOAN : Choose your Break in a unique Federal Capital features that we offer you either existing or new
    customer. Easy repayment plan to accomondate all your needs. We have significant experience in supporting growing
    businesses, including start-ups, which make up about 35% of our client base. We understand their challenges and
    needs to sustain operations and grow business in a competitive market.

    WE ARE TRANSPARENT : In all our interactions, We commit to open and honest communication, Whether it
    be written or verbal. We are open to considering different view points and we commit to expressing our own,
    respectfully. We commit to account for our activities and accept responsibility for them.
    We disclose the results of our activities and deliver on our promises.

    WE ARE MORE INNOVATIVE : We passionately strive to think and to do things differently. We commit to turning great
    ideas into reality. We reward and recognise those individuals and teams who changes our business for the better.

    WE ARE COLLABORATIVE : We bring our unique talents together for the benefit of the team.
    We work together internally and externally to find the best solution. We place the customer at the centre of all decision
    making. We encourage honest debates and we respect and commit to final decisions. We commit to align and
    harmonise our practices and actions and contribute positively towards the agreed goal.

    WE ARE EMPATHETIC: We respect that we are all different. We are genuinely attentive and we attempt to put ourselves
    in other peoples' shoes. We seek to understand people. Should we differ in opinion we will respond to them with
    sensitivity and compassion. We are dedicated to making a difference to the lives our customers and their Investment.

    As a direct lender, we eliminate the middleman. That's why we can say “Yes,” more often than traditional lenders. Partner with a National Funding loan specialist who has specific knowledge about your industry. Up to $2,000,000 loan for Business Funding with wide variety of payment options For Exclusive Guaranteed and Lowest Payment option.Easy, no-obligation application. Automatic and direct online bank to bank transfer. Email or call to receive a quick decision and funding in as few as 24 hours.