In terms of which Act are Federal Capital Holdings registered?

Federal Capital holding is a joint Company partly owned by the government of South Africa and some cooperate members

How do we Invest with Federal Capital Holdings ?

FCH.LLC Investment Process is very easy. For new Investors you first need to contact us and discuse about the type of Investment you have in mind. We will place you to a very experienced Investment Profesional who will assist you and provide you comprehensive list of our high paying Investment Partners. You will then compare their pay out and if its okay by you we proceed with the Investment.

Which Investment Sector is more Profitable ?

All our Investment Sectors are highly rewarding and Profitable. It depends on the time your Investing and how much your willing to Invest. You decide when we send you a list of our pay out.

How do we secure Non Collateral loan from FCH ?

Securing either collateral loan or Non Collateral loan from our Company all depend on your Seriousness and dedications. We hardly reject application even if we do it might be between a ratio of 1/10 so you have nothing to worry about.

How long does it take secure a loan

Securing from FCH.LLC is very easy and fast. Your loan is processed and ready for transfer as quick as the first 3 days of application. Transfer are only initiated only after customers returns the transfer autorisation form instructing us to allow the bank prooceed with the transfer