Federal Capital Holdings


Federal Capital Oil Drilling and Exploration (established in 2007) was acquired by Federal Capital Mining Resource (FCHMD), a Division of Federal Capital Holdings in 2015. The business provides surface and underground drilling solutions. It is unique in that it has the ability to drill to depts. from 0 – 30,000FT core drilling.Our Company has an operational fleet of 40 surface drill rigs, with various drilling range capacities. More than 500 000 meters, sizes PQ, HQ, NQ, BQ and CUD 76 were drilled throughout South Africa , Namibia and Nigeria and other parts of the world. Our customers know that when it comes to just-in-time delivery, FCH.LLC ® is there for them.

30-57% Payout/Month

Federal Capital Holding ® acquires, operates and develops commercial Projects for big Companies and Organisations in the World markets. In addition, we deploy capital in Multi-Million dollars Investment and commercial Projects Sectors through joint venture equity, mezzanine debt, and preferred equity Investments. The array of transactions we have closed highlights our breadth and flexibility. Our focus on the World gives us extensive International knowledge and valuable community relationships. We pay out a minimum monthly Investment Profit of 30% even upto 57% for every amount you Invest with US depending of the Sector you decide to Invest.

Fund Management

FCH manages over $19 billion of capital and is currently investing its third fund, a commingled, discretionary fund closed in 2015. Our fund investments are targeted to multifamily, office, retail, Companies, Health Organisations, Oil and Gas Companies, Industrial, manufactured housing and self-storage assets. FCH funds are deployed in a variety of structures, including equity, preferred equity, and mezzanine debt. Our Sustainability Vision: Federal Capital Holding ® is committed to sustainability projects that enhance the environmental performance of its assets and improve quality of life for our Investors while maximizing investors returns.


Federal Capital Holding ® Provides Profitable Monthly Investment returns to all our Investors within any of our Investment Sectors either real estate Investment, Industrial, Equity, Commondity, Health Care, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Gold and Metals, Transportation, Construction, Energy Investment, Power Plant a high and and assured monthly payout ( Investment return) of 30% - 57% payout on any amount you decide to Invest with us. Tell us how much you want to Start with by contacting our Investment Department by email and one of our Proffesional we guide you from begining till you master our Platform Email : Investnow@federalcapital.org

FCH has two substantial investments in Shell SA’s retail and refining operations.In 2002, Federal Capital Holdings acquired a 25% interest in Shell SA Refinery, SAPREF,the largest refinery in Africa. which houses Shell SA’s Production, marketing and distribution activities in South Africa.


In 2008, FCH further strengthened its Assets by Acquiring another downstream oil sector and 2 oil blocks from Nigeria National Petroleum Commission (NNPC ) and also Partnered in the building of an offshore refinery located in Bonga Field



We have also acquired licenses for drilling and Production of oil from other Govermental body including Tunisha, Angola, Malawi, Algeria, South Sudan with a production of 160,000 Barrels Per Day. We are calling on Investors to Invest now so as to Increase our daily output to reach the expectation of our consumers. If you want to know how much returns you will make from Investing on oil please email us : Investnow@federalcapital


Federal Capital Investors are allowed to select any of our Oil Products ranging from Liquified Petroleum Gas, Asphalt, Diesel fuel, Lubricating oils, Gasoline & Petrol, Paraffin wax, Jet Fuel & Petroleum coke and Invest on any of them or Invest Generally as most of Clients does. Our oil operations ranges from Offshore drilling, Well drilling, Shallow water drilling, Extraction of petroleum, Fossil fuel drilling, Production and refining of Products and also Energy development.

Our Oil Investment Projects

FCH Investment
Our Aje-1, Aje-2 and Aje-4 Wells were developed as Producers.

Production wells

Our Production wells are connected to subsea wellheads and associated flowlines and manifolds in water depths of 320ft. The flowlines are connected to the FCHPSO through risers.

Future Investors

Our Investment System is very Simple and highly rewarding. You can find out now for free at no cost whatsoever.Just contact us by E-mail : Investnow@federalcapital

Current Investors

To ensure a brighter future and higher mothly returns to our Investors, We are currently Negiotating and buying more Oil wells and Acquiring more Assets with other Governments.

Our Agricultural Investment Projects

We Invest big in Agriculture all over the world. We have Big Farms located in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Malaysia, Ireland, New Zealand and India

Large Scale Farming

We are Into large Agricultural Investment. Crop farming, Animal farming, liveStock, fishery, Manufacturing and a lot more.

Future Investors

Investing in Agriculture is not as Profitable as oil Investment so for the love of feeding the world Invest in our farms today.

Current Investors

We are Currently expanding and adding more animal farms, and Just purchased a new farm in India

Federal Capital Holdings Other Investment Sectors


Join the numerous Invetors. Invest on health care. Highly Profitable best Investment payout. FCH.LLC ® is there for you. Find out now which of the Health care agency require your Investment now. Calculate how much returns you get Email : Investnow@federalcapital.org


For Short term Investors transportation is our fastest income provider. Get high interest payout when you Invest on Transportation. From our partnered Airline Companies to our Partnered Shipping companies looking for Investors like you.

Real Estate & Constructions

Join us build , create and design the world Invest in Real Estates today. Very good Investment choice for both long term and short term Investors. Contact us to find out our monthly pay out. Email : Investnow@federalcapital.org

Trade & Manufacturing

Highly Profitable Monthly Investment returns to all our Investors who are either Trading on Gold and other commondities. We are parnered with many manufacturing companies Toyota SA, Unilever South Africa (Pty), General Motors,Universal Steel Nig.